Post-conference update
The meeting was successfully realized with the participation of around a hundred persons. Some images of the meeting can be seen here, the Abstract Book can be downloaded from here and most presentations are also available at the Programme.

Missions to Habitable Worlds
International conference on astrobiology and ESA missions, organized by COST TD 1308 action and MTA CSFK.

The conference will take place in Budapest, Hungary, to oversee astrobiology relevant aspects of next generation space missions, including Solar System exploration and space telescopes for exoplanet characterization, mainly coordinated by ESA.

The two day long meeting will take place at the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 28-29 of October 2015. During the conference review presentations will be given by experts and mission specialists of ongoing and planned space missions (including ExoMars, JUICE, CHEOPS, PLATO etc.) that support the understanding of the origin and evolution of life beyond the Earth. Beside overview talks, emphasis will be given on some specific research topics, including analogue field activity and planetary protection issues. The meeting will consist of two panel discussions: 1. on how to approach habitability from different disciplines (astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, philosophy) and 2. on trans-domain research in astrobiology (including possible contribution to ESA missions), together with the initiative of the future European Astrobiology Institute.

Satellite meetings

  • Two days before the conference, on 26 afternoon and 27 October the core group meeting of the COST TD 1308 action will take place at the Konkoly Astronomical Institute (also known as Konkoly Observatory).
  • On the day after the conference, on 30 October the White Paper writing meeting of the WG5 of the COST TD 1308 action will take place at the Konkoly Astronomical Institute (Konkoly Observatory).

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